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Coward in Chief

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Coward in Chief Coward in Chief

January 28th 2017 a team of our most elite commandos came under unexpectedly heavy fire in a raid in Yemen’s Bayda province. The raid was conducted to capture, AQAP leader Qassim al-Rimi. The Seal team dropped into an Al-Qaeda base that was defended by landmines, snipers, and an unexpectedly large contingent of heavily armed terrorist. Due to the ferocity of the fighting the seal team called in for an airstrike.

This raid and subsequent airstrike resulted in the death of Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens, the wounding of four team members, the deaths of ten women & children, fourteen valid targets, as well as the destruction of a $75 million Osprey aircraft. The intended target Qassim al-Rimi escaped.

Sometimes when a military operation is underway things go south, as this one did. No one is at fault, it just happens.

This operation however was a little bit different than other operations. The Seals were sent in without the proper safeguards normally put in place for such a mission. The President failed to fulfil even the most basic responsibilities of his office. 

Before such a mission is given a green light certain things usually occur.

There is a formal National Security Council review of the plan. This did not occur, instead the president had the briefing conducted over a causal dinner three full days prior to the raid and without someone from the State Department present. As a result of this it appears trump approved the operation while it still lacked sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations.

On the night of the raid, which was his first high risk military operation, the President could not even be bothered to be in the situation room to observe how the mission was unfolding, instead he was in his residence tweeting about his upcoming appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

The morning after the attack his first tweet was to whine about the New York Times.

Not a mention of our brave troops in battle, nothing! This was followed up by the White House attempting to place the blame for the failed mission on former President Obama.

They then made an attempt to silence criticisms about the raid by proclaiming that any criticism of the mission was a “disservice to Chief Ryan Owens”.

The fallout of this unnecessarily botched mission is that Yemen has withdrawn permission for U.S. troops to conduct raids within its borders, the intended target of the raid is now taunting our nation and trump in particular, the terrorists, once again, have been handed on a silver platter high quality propaganda tools to use in their recruitment.

The take away from this is we have a coward and an incompetent occupying the Whitehouse and the whole world knows it, our enemies have had their moral boosted by him, and worst of all, it demonstrates his willingness to send our troops into battle unprepared for the mission at hand. Our rivals on the world stage will now be emboldened to push back against us all around the world. Our allies will now be less likely to join us in any joint operations. Countries that wish to assist us will now think twice before allowing any operations upon their territory.

This is not going to occur just because the mission failed, it is occurring because of the obvious disregard for our troops in combat.

His total disregard for the troops in that operation, his efforts to capitalize upon the death of Chief Ryan Owens for political cover and his unwillingness to accept any responsibility for his actions as President shows us something about him we did not know from his campaign. Donald Trump is a Coward.

Our enemies know it, our allies know it, and now we also know it.

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